Why annual pest sprays are important?

We often hear people say “oh I don’t need a pest spray this year…. the treatment completed last year is still working”. Well this may be true for a short period of time.  The creepy crawlies will eventually start to rear their ugly heads again.

Carrying out an annual treatment means keeping most household pests at bay and not allowing them to make your home theirs. Waiting until the bugs are noticeable means your property now has an infestation.

Wouldn’t you rather stop and prevent the pests from entering, than have to deal with an infestation?

Having Scarborough Pest Control carry out a professional treatment using the correct products to the correct areas for the correct pests will make sure you are keeping your home or work place pest free.

We apply all our chemicals according to the label to ensure a safe environment is kept for all people and pets.

Give us a call to discuss any pest concerns you may have,  or to book your annual pest treatment on PH: 3203 8378.

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